Birthstone: Topaz

It's Scorpio season, and if you're looking for the perfect jewellery gift for someone born in November, you've came to the right place! Those born in November are blessed with not one, but two birthones: Topaz and Citrine. Our Topaz birthstones are yellow-orange in colour and reflects the warm colour of autumn/winter. 
Orange Topaz is known to be good for your self-confidence and will not only attract you to positive people but will also protect you from any negative energy. 
Our Birthstone Collection is among our most popular. It creates a thoughtful gift for anyone born in November, or just loves the orange Topaz!
When it comes to picking pieces from our collection, you can't go wrong! We have picked out a few of our favourites, featuring the dreamy Topaz Birthstone. You can customise our pieces with any birthstone, initials and some even include free complimentary engraving. Click to shop the collection here. 



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