Zesty Blue Zircon!

It's finally December!!

We're sooo excited to break out the Christmas tree and sing a bit of Mariah Carey but for some of you December babies you'll be getting ready to celebrate your birthday! At Orli HQ we've got a lot of December birthdays and each of those lovely ladies has the pleasure of a blue zircon birthstone. Zircon can be found in a whole host of colours, but the most sought after is the stunning blue zircon.
Zircon is a valuable gem as it is full of fire and sparkle, second only to a diamond. According to historians it is actually the oldest gem in the world and has informed scientists about the planets evolution! A gem as old as the earth has got to be special, it is believed to promote happiness and joy - something we all need after the year it's been. A zircon is the ideal stone to gift as it was used to ward off evil spirits and show you the love that exists in your life. 

Sagittarius are known to be generous, strong willed and very truthful. These traits are admirable but can sometimes be seen as blunt, a blue zircon is their perfect partner. It will fill their life with happiness and show them how much they are loved - and who doesn't want to get rid of evil spirits?! Not to mention the Sagittarius spirit colour is blue!

2020 has been a hard year for everyone, show someone how much you care - treat them to a piece of Orli jewellery finished with a stunning blue zircon Swarovski. Not only is this stone full of positive energy but it is also a stunning teal, almost turquoise colour. This blue-green coloured sparkling stone will make anyone happy this December. To add a blue zircon pick your favourite pieces from our personalised collection HERE, then simply select blue zircon from the drop down crystal menu!  


Happy Birthday December babies!!

Team Orli xx

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