CoppaFeel! The Self-Checkout

Knowing your boobs could save your life!
CoppaFeel! have developed a fantastic Self-Checkout section on their website which lets you get to know what’s normal in your body. 
Practice makes perfect. Although CoppaFeel! send a monthly reminder to their subscribers to ‘check your boobs’ it is important you are checking your boobs more frequently to spot any unusual signs or body changes. 
The Self-Checkout is a simple step by step guide providing helpful information depending on your age and circumstances. The checkout will give you friendly pointers on how best to create a routine and suggest the best methods on How, When and Where to check.
The checklist is a tool used to tick off as you go. Once you are sure you have everything covered press ‘Done’ and your Self-Checkout will add you to the national count of people who have checked their boobs that month!
What are you waiting for? Make your Self-checkout count!

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