How to do up your garden on a budget!

The warmer weather is FINALLY here, and everyone has the same idea- get out in the garden and enjoy the sunshine! If your garden is in the need of some TLC but you don't want to break the bank, look no further, below are some ideas on how to spruce up your little sanctuary on a budget. 

  1. First things first, before buying anything, make sure you shop around. You will be amazed at what you can save, we've priced the EXACT SAME solar lights for £3 of a difference each! You'll be surprised on what bargains you can pick up in the supermarkets, including Sainsburys, Aldi and shops like B&M Bargains and The Range. 
  2. Make a little plan, what areas do you want to spruce up? Then make a list of priorities- put the areas needing TLC to the top, and the areas that could be bypassed to the bottom. 
  3. Set a budget and take note of everything you are spending. Stick to your budget, which highlights again the need to shop around, the more you save, the more of your priority list you can tick off. 

Here's some ideas on how to get your garden looking cute:


The difference power washing can do to your garden is amazing! Power wash your slabs, decking, pots, furniture, anything that needs a good clean! *Be careful if you are power washing a fence with paint, if you get too close you will take off the paint!*


Stick on your gardening gloves, look our your tools, don't forget your weed killer, and get rid of those horrible weeds! 


Dust off your lawn mower and grass trimmer and get cutting! You can buy some grass fertiliser to help the growth and fill in any bald spots. Look out your sprinkler and regularly water your grass to help keep it fertilised and lovely and green. 


Trim your hedges, cut back your bushes, rack the soil, and give the "green" area some TLC. 


Some times a lick of paint is all you need- paint your fences, gates, huts, plant pots, garden furniture to bring it back to life. Why not add a pop of colour? Summer yellow? Sage green? Blue? GO FOR IT! 


The next time you are out for your food shopping, take a look outside at the plant section- we just stocked up on some beautiful new plants from Morrisons and they have definitely brought some life back into our garden! 


Create a little area in your garden to attract some wildlife. Get a bird house, feeder and bath for the birds and maybe even an insect house for bees and other insects. Is there anything more relaxing than sitting with a cuppa and hearing the birds singing in the morning? 


A dining area? Look out your BBQ and set your table 

A reading area with a cosy blanket, and comfy bench or seat?

Create a fire pit area? 

Refreshment station? 

Play area? 


Here at Orli Jewellery, we know accessorising can go a long way, even in the garden!! 

Add some colour with some colourful furniture cushions - bench/sun lounger pads, scatter cushions, maybe even an outdoor rug? 

Hanging plaques and signs can make your garden feel more "homely" and can be bought for a great price- "welcome to the garden". 

Add some lighting and candles- solar lighting and lanterns can transform your garden when the sun goes down- From as cheap as £1 each, the more the merrier! 


Take your time, shop around and of course make it your own! 

Happy Gardening!

Team Orli xx 


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