Spring is finally here, and summer is not far away, the jewellery trends are changing so it's time to introduce a few staple spring/summer pieces to your collection! 

One of our favourite spring/summer jewellery trends this year is gemstones. Gemstones have always had a place in our hearts here at Orli HQ- their eye catching & mesmerising colours and their unique powers & meanings, make creating new designs so enjoyable.

Our current gemstones include: Fossil stones, Agalmotolite stones, Agate stones and Turquoise stones. But what do they all mean

Fossil stone

Enhances healing and longevity.

Agalmotolite stone

Grown to be a popular lucky gem stone and aids healing.

Agate stone 

Encourages support, stability and grounding in your life.

Turquoise stone

Associated with personal protection and is believed to bring good luck when it reflects the light of the new moon.


Our new gemstone collection allows you to pick your favourite gemstone to make your jewellery unique to you.

Our first design was, of course, a classic Orli Stacking bracelet, BEADS AND STONE BRACELET. These are super easy to wear, and are great to add some colour and meaning to your current Orli bracelet stack!

Our HAMMERED DISC AND STONE EARRINGS, available in rose gold or silver, are perfect for making a statement and go with your hair up or down! 

Pair both of these with our gorgeous BEADS AND STONE RING and you're spring/summer ready. Our new stone rings are super cute, easy to wear and go with literally anything!  

Take a look at our new gemstone collection and find a gemstone just right for you. 


Team Orli xx 

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