Steff's Breast Cancer Journey

We are honoured that Steff has decided to share her journey with Primary Breast Cancer and why she has chosen the charity Make 2nds Count. This is an emotional blog written by Steff herself and we would encourage all our followers to read. 

Hi my name is Stephanie Lynch, I am a mum, wife and business owner. I was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 31 years old, 4 days before my 32nd birthday. Had I followed up on my symptoms when they appeared I would have been early 30’s.

I found my small lump when I was 7 weeks pregnant. I have always had a small b cup, but both my pregnancy’s the first to grow was always my breasts. I thought the lump I had was from my milk ducts getting ready to feed baby number 2.

Fast forward I gave birth to my second child and I jumped on my fitness journey during lockdown, I started to lose the excess baby weight which included my boobs which returned to their small b cup. But the lump didn’t go…… I presumed that my body was just taking a while to get back to normal and put it to the back of my head.

After a health scare with my husband, I decided to go and get checked and unfortunately four days after my initial appt I was sitting in the chair hearing the words no one wants to hear. You have breast cancer. I was by myself when I was told, I have never instantly felt so sick in my life.

Originally we thought I had one small tumour, because I am young I have very dense breast tissue, my team decided to send me for a MRI to just make sure there was nothing else going on. My results came back and my treatment plan changed. I would follow onto a Mastectomy and await pathology to confirm if I would need chemo.

Pathology came in and my cancer had spread to my sentinel nodes, Chemo would commence four weeks later after I had recovered from my operation. I have just completed 5 months of Chemotherapy, and just recently finished 15 rounds of radio therapy. I will be on hormone treatment for ten years and will have a bone infusion every six months.

Had I known about breast health and all the signs to look out for when I found my lump I would have been straight to the doctors, a mixture of thinking it was my pregnancy and also being too young for cancer I didn’t act, something I regret now.

I am using my platform on social media to share my journey with young woman and men to help educate and direct them to some amazing charities. Its important to raise awareness of Breast Health , something that I have never been told to watch out for, I believe that we need to advocate for ourself and raising awareness in young people is so important and I believe will make a huge difference.

I have raised funds for Coppafeel which is all about early detection, however going through my own journey and losing some friends I have made along the way I have learned that funding only goes to 5% of secondary breast cancer research from a lot of the fundraising for charities. 31 people die every day from secondary breast cancer and 30% of primary breast cancers go onto develop secondary breast cancer.

I am so grateful that Orli Jewellery have created this beautiful bracelet with 100% of the funds going to a Scottish Secondary breast cancer charity MAKE 2NDS COUNT. Every penny will go towards supporting this charity to allow research into new drugs that will help people going through secondary breast cancer.

Id like to thank Orli and everyone else involved for making this happen, thank you everyone for all of your support and I cant wait to see all your pictures of your lovely new bracelets.

Love steph xx


  • Susan Young

    Had a mastectomy immediate reconstruction, and lumpectomy in April, followed by Radiotherapy, and tamoxifen for 5 years depending on any changes , stay strong positive outlook helps and staying fit, I had to change the way I exercise so i have just got a treadmill that helps me focus my mind ,and get rid of negative feelings xxx

  • Nicci

    Hi steph, it’s a scary place when you hear those words. I’ve just been through it myself at 45 had mastectomy and will be on hormone treatment for next 10 ish years. 💪💪 well done for creating this to raise awareness ❤

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