Swarovski crystals

June 16, 2016

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals are man-made gems manufactured in Austria. A machine is used to make precision cuts in the highest quality to make the crystals shine like a diamond.  

At Orli we love using Swarovski crystals to add some sparkle many of our pieces. However, Swarovski crystals are also known to have special healing powers which is why we love them!

Reds  - Protection, passion, energy and courage

Oranges - Personal power and self-esteem, as well as luck and success

Greens - Used for healing and also contributes to prosperity, luck and grounding

Purples - Signifies creativity and wisdom, enlightens the spirit

Clears - Symbolises purity and innocence, and the ability to trust in the Universe

Blues - Trust, faith, peace and patience 

Blacks - Helps you see all possibilities - protection and power








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