The Heart Edition: Open Hearts!

Welcome back to The Heart Edition blog! 

Each week we are going to be discussing all of the different styles of hearts we use on our jewellery, and this week is dedicated to one of our most classic hearts... The Open Heart 💖

The open heart comes in a variety of sizes and styles, each creating a different look! Let's start with the smallest: 

The Tiny Open Heart 

This is a mini version of our classic open heart! It is the newest open heart in the collection and is just so cute! These tiny open hearts are featured on earrings and rings and are available in silver, rose gold and yellow gold. 

Open Heart Hoop Earrings, Silver and Yellow Gold £20 

Mini Open Heart Stud Earrings, Rose Gold £15 

The Stencil Heart 

Similar to the above (Tiny Open Heart) but a little rounder! These hearts are featured on our "With Love" Bracelets, fine chain necklaces, earrings and rings. The stencil hearts are available in silver, rose gold and yellow gold. 

With Love Bracelet- Twin Open Hearts, Silver and Rose Gold £14.99  

Beads and Stencil Heart Ring £17.99 

Twin Stencil Hearts Fine Necklace £23 

The Classic Orli Open Heart 

The classic Orli heart is one of the original hearts used in our designs, it's versatile and loved by many! It's branded, features on a variety of designs and is available in silver, rose gold and yellow gold!

Open Heart and Crystal Brangle £35 

Twin Open Hearts and Swarovski Crystals Double Chain Bracelet, Silver and Rose Gold £38 

Mini Open Heart Beads Bracelet £27

Twin Mini Open Heart Necklace £32

Large Open Hearts 

The large open heart is a bigger version of our classic open heart! Due to the size, they feature on chunky style bracelets, statement necklaces and one pair of stand out earrings! We also layer the classic open heart on top to create a more statement and mixed metal look! 

Open Heart and Mini Heart Fine Double Necklace, Silver and Rose Gold £42 

Open Heart and Mini Heart Double Necklace £38 

Long Open Heart and Barrel Double Necklace £38 

Open Pointed Hearts 

We introduced a new member to the open heart family- The Open Pointed Heart. these come in two sizes and are available in silver and rose gold! The pointed style creates a more modern vibe to the open hearts! 

Twin Open Pointed Hearts Necklace £34 

Open Pointed Heart Earrings £20 

Open Pointed Heart and Swarovski Crystal Necklace £36 


 Shop the full open heart collection here! What style is your favourite? Comment below! 

Team Orli xx 



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