The meaning behind Angel Wings


Angel wings are one of our staple collections here at Orli, we have been designing Angel Wing pieces since the very beginning.
They are elegant, versatile and also have a variety of meanings, making each piece special and personal to each individual. 


Angel wings are most commonly know to act as a protection. People wear them everyday with the comforting idea that they will be protected and keep them safe.  


People wear angel wings symbolising someone that has passed, known as their guardian angel. Wearing angel wings signifies them watching over you, and being with you everyday. "May you believe that you always have an angel by your side." 


During stressful or difficult times, angel wings let us know we are not alone, and empower us to rise above negativity and hard times. They also act as a daily reminder, to look at the beautiful world we live in and realise how blessed we are.  
Angel wings are so special for many different reasons, not only are they beautiful but they are meaningful. Shop the Angel Wing Collection here, and make yourself, or someone you love feel protected, strong and of course, loved.  




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