Things We Are Grateful For

During this unprecedented time, we have been asked to change our lifestyles for the foreseeable- stay in doors and #socialdistance. To help us stay positive and focused on the end goal, we have listed some things we are grateful for. 


All we've been asked to do is stay in and sit on our sofas, and you are all carrying on working extremely hard at the front of this crisis to keep us all safe and provide the essentials we need. Where would we be without you all? Here's to our front line heroes! Font line workers


NETFLIX (for obvious reasons...)

I mean, imagine not being able to binge watch endless amounts of TV series, documentaries or watch your favourite movies whilst in isolation?! THANK YOU NETFLIX! (if you have any Netflix recommendations please comment below....) 



It might just be us, but a wholesome breakfast, lunch and dinner is whats getting us through the day! Now is the perfect time to become a culinary expert... move over Jamie Oliver!  (we recommend trying your jeans on every couple of days, just to make sure they fit... pyjama bottoms can be deceiving...) 

Homemade food


Whether it's dusting off your old book collection or adding to your Kindle, nothing beats curling up on your sofa with a good book. Luckily we exchanged books in the office, so we all have enough novels to go round!  

Good Book



Is it acceptable to have a bubble bath at 1.30pm on a Monday? YES! Don't forget the scented candles.... 

Candles & Bubble Baths  


Keep yourself 'Zen' with a daily dose of yoga & meditation. There are a variety of videos you can follow on YouTube or have a look on your app store. 20 minutes is all you need and TRUST US you will be so glad you took the time out for you. 

Yoga and Meditation


Get your daily dose of love from your friends and family through Facetime/Skype. It is important to stay connected with your loved ones at this time, they will keep your chin up and put a smile on your face if you are feeling down! 

Facetime and Skype


Is there anything better than dancing around your living room to your all time favourite songs? That's one way to get the endorphins flowing and move your body! 



We are grateful for our fur babies during this time, and we're pretty sure they will be grateful for us being at home for extra love and attention. Why not teach them some new tricks?  

Fur Babies


It is amazing to see how much the community has stepped up to help each other during this horrible time. We're seeing so many acts of kindness on a daily basis. If you're looking for anything positive out of this situation, take a look at the community spirit, it is truly inspiring. 



And last but not least, we have blue skies and sunshine. Take a second, step outside, stop, and just admire your surroundings. Breathe. Always remember, after the storm, the sun will shine again.

sunshine and blue skies


Team Orli xx 

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