Types Of Orli Bracelets you need to know about

We have a wide variety of bracelets here at Orli. Here is our guide to bracelets you need to know about!
Classic Bracelets

There are some bracelets that we can guarantee will never go out of style, they can be worn on their own to elevate outfits and can also be layered together to make the perfect stacking bracelets. Simple yet effective you might say, and that’s what we love about them.
Paperclip Bracelet
Our Paperclip bracelet is a must have in any jewellery collection. The perfect piece to compliment any bracelet.
Stretch Bracelets
You can never have too many Stretch Bead Bracelets, our bracelets are the perfect stacking accessory. Choose from lots of different designs and start your own bead bracelet collection.
Easy to wear, Easy to style. Our beautiful Bangles need no introduction.


Sentimental Bracelets

Whilst all bracelets are carefully thought out and designed, there are some we design that have more sentimental value.
Engravable Bracelet
Nothing says a meaningful gift like engravable jewellery. There is a variety of Orli Bracelets that can be engraved, giving you the freedom to create a unique piece for yourself or your loved one. Engrave with a name or a date.
Initials and Birthstones bracelets
There are other ways to create more subtle personalised gifts. Adding charms such as initials and Birthstones are a perfect way to create a meaningful bracelet that is personalised exactly how you want it.
Friendship Bracelets
A friendship bracelet has the ultimate sentimental value. It is the perfect way to symbolise an important bond or friendship and let someone dear to you know you were thinking about them. We have leather friendship bracelets and cord friendship bracelets to choose from to find a style that best suits you and your bestie.


Statement Bracelets

Let your bracelets do the talking. A statement bracelet can be carefully thought out and executed or can upgrade any outfit easily when you’re in a rush and don’t know what accessories to wear. Either way they bring attention to what you’re wearing and are likely to steal the attention.

Charm Bracelets

Let your bracelets do the talking. Our most Popular charms are:

 Angel Wings



Signature Orli Heart.



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