7 reasons why you should have flowers in your home!

There is no denying that flowers are natural beauties and they add positive vibes not only to your mood but to your home. Every week, when we head out for our food shop we pick up a bunch of flowers to add some colour to our home. Here's why we think its so beneficial to have flowers in your home: 

They boost your mood 

When you see a vase of flowers, their beauty can instantly boost your mood, make you smile and even reduce stress. 

They brighten up a room 

A little vase of colour goes a long way in your home. If you have more neutral decor, a bunch of flowers if the perfect way to add a pop of colour. 

They are very welcoming 

If you are having people over, flowers make people feel welcome and make your home feel "homely" and inviting. 

 They add some fragrance 

Some flowers have the most beautiful fragrance, some subtle, others very fragrant, the natural aroma is perfect when you want to ditch the air fresheners and can make you feel relaxed. 

Some can clean the air

Did you know that some flowers and plants can actually filter and clean the air in your home!? Peach lilies, gerberas and bromelias are examples. 

Some have therapeutic qualities 

Lavender can be added to flower arrangements to add a pop of purple, but lavender is also one of the most common medical plants, as the scent reduces stress and can help you sleep better.

They boost creativity and productivity 

You can get creative with flower arranging, check out pinterest for some ideas on how to make you bouquets a little different! Studies have also found that having flowers in your house makes you more productive! 



Let's get arranging!

Team Orli x x


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