Introducing, Azure

This stunning brilliant blue stone has quickly become the trending colour of 2023. 
Our new Azure Collection features designs that encapsulate its attention-grabbing qualities to create jaw-dropping looks for you to dress up or dress down. 
The collection includes a variety of chunky necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The question is, how do we wear them? 
Matching Sapphires with your skin tone
As sapphires are blue they automatically fall into the cooler colour palette due to their tones. When paired with silver metal, they look best on those with cooler undertones. However, when they are paired with gold metal they look best on those with warmer undertones.
Co-ordinating Sapphires with your outfits 
Sapphire jewellery can complement a variety of colours, but they must be matched properly to be effective. You also can't go wrong with a monochromatic look (blue on blue) or neutral look (beige, white, black, grey) just imagine our Azure Long link Earrings with a blue dress....stunning!
Casual To Dressy Outfits
It's so easy to take your looks from day to night. Elevate your casual looks by pairing them with sapphire jewellery. Whether it's an all-black look or a white top and blue jeans. Whether you choose to wear one Azure piece or multiple pieces, sapphire paired with your occasion outfits adds elegance, sophistication and glamour.

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